Off-grid apartments in The Philippines

Sabang Puerto Galera, Philippines

New build apartments powered by Victron Energy
Victron Energy is powering two new build apartments for Montani Beach Resort in Sabang Puerto Galera, with an off-grid solar system. The development has LED lighting throughout, with timers for thecommon lighting areas. Apartments also have eco-friendly inverter type refrigerators, ceiling fans and televisions.

All loads, including the water pumps, are connected to the solar system with the exception of the  air conditioning. A 4.5kWp solar array is connected to the powerful Victron Energy 150V/85A MPPT solar charge controllerwhich charges the 48V/200Ah Lithium battery bank. The total energy storage for each apartment is 10kWh. The average electricity generated and stored is forecast to be 16-24kWh per day. This is enough to keep the batteries charged and to cover the daily loads, even when the weather conditions are not optimal. A Victron 48V/5000VA Quattro inverter/charger supplies electricity for two apartments. The AC 1 line is connected to the grid. At the moment the system is using a virtual switch with the dedicated ignore AC input option, but when grid metering becomes available, the system can be upgraded to a HUB1 system and the excess electricity can then be fed back to the grid.

 A BMV-702 battery monitor and the new Color Control GX monitors the system which can also be tracked online via the VRM (Victron Remote Management) website.  

The design and installation of the system is a collaboration between the distributor, PhilSolar Equipment and Trading and the local dealer/installer, Paica Off-grid Energy.