Работа данного сайта полностью обеспечивается солнечной энергией.

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Потребительский рынок

Чем больше солнечной и ветряной энергии подается в электрические сети, тем сложнее и дороже становится обеспечение их стабильности. Поэтому промежуточное сохранение энергии чрезвычайно быстро становится необходимым средством поддержания колебаний мощности в сети в управляемых пределах.  Кроме этого, поскольку тарифы на подачу электроэнергии в общую сеть снижаются, бизнес-план домашней системы сохранения энергии, повышающей внутреннее потребление, становится всё более обоснованным день ото дня. Промежуточное сохранение энергии повышает внутреннее потребление полученной солнечной и/или ветряной энергии. Следующим естественным шагом является 100% самообоспечение энергией и независимость от внешней сети.

Heritage Mansion storing 450kWh solar energy

Built in an era when tradesmen were paid to create ‘a thing of beauty’ – large heritage buildings have to either find new purpose or fall into disrepair. 150 years after it was built, a mansion in Adelaide, Australia, has been repurposed as a technology HQ for Zinc Bromine Battery manufacturer Redflow, together with offices […]

Energy Storage System (ESS) upgrade

System upgrades are a fact of life and it’s always encouraging to see clients choosing Victron Energy components in preference to others. And so it was with an EnerWit and SERVICE TEAM Döbeln project in the Südschwarzwald (Southern Black Forest) in Germany. Much of Victron Energy’s high volume market in Germany is residential, but in […]

BlueSky Energy: Energy Storage systems & compatibility

In recent blogs you will have noticed an ever increasing range of battery makes and technologies that are catered for and which integrate well with Victron Energy products. Examples of such products are Victron Quattros, Multis and MPPT solar charge controllers. An interesting compatible battery technology is Aquion Energy’s Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI™) chemistry: Aquion […]

Energy storage disruption with Redflow & Victron Energy

There is far more to Victron Energy’s Color Control GX than immediately meets the eye. Whilst browsing the ever expanding capabilities of the Color Control, I became curious about some of the more elusive options. Digging a little further I discovered a company rated in a top 20 list of ‘Energy storage disruptors’, that uses […]


The VIC-SONNESPEICHER® offers independent power supply, wherever it may be required. The VIC-SONNESPEICHER® own consumption system is an uninterrupted AC Power (UPS function) system, switching from inverter to shore or generator and back is automatic and so fast (within 20 milliseconds) that computers and other connected equipment are unaffected and continue to operate as normal. The VIC-SONNESPEICHER® Systems are normally not connected to the grid.